Spring Swap Wishlist
Thank you so much for being my swap partner this year!

Below are a some wishes/ideas in case you need some! I don't mind duplicates of any items I can use but would prefer no duplicates of plush/figures etc. '

  • Umbreon Putitto Figure

  • Any stationery: washi tape, stamps, sticky notes, clearfiles, mini notebooks, pens/pencils (Any Pokemon are fine, especially the favorites listed on my application!)

  • NEW Umbreon With You badge (Any amount, I want extras!)

  • Umbreon straps and badges, duplicates are fine!

  • Anything from this list: https://moonlightpkmn.livejournal.com/6286.html

  • Alolan Raichu Pokedoll

  • Lycanroc Pokedoll (Any, but Dusk preferred!)

  • Popplio and Litten Mini Pokedoll plush

  • Omanyte Ditto Plush, either size

  • Mimikyu Pokedoll

Updated Wants 02/03/2017
Hello! Below are my most current Umbreon wants.  Please contact me should you have any for sale, or know of any listings! It would be greatly appreciated :)

I have not yet made a list of flats/pogs, but please feel free to contact me with any you have for sale!

2009 US and JP Pokedolls, MWT
Umbreon Watch
Black Pokemon Time Shirt (2009)
Eevee and Friends Umbreon Stamp
Umbreon Coaster

Umbreon Espeon White and Black Shirts (with logo centered).
Umbreon Espeon Card Sleeves and Deck Box


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